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Frequent questions

You should keep in mind that the fare is subject to change, which is mainly influenced by changes in air ticket prices, which are determined by the airlines and not by us.

We make reservations exclusively through our official corporate numbers:

  • +57 311 7187413
  • +57 323 5905117
  • +57 316 3343434
You can call us or chat, this way we guarantee that you have the best guidance and support from one of our tourist experience advisors before, during and after your trip.

At least, we suggest paying the value of the air tickets, since this tends to change.

We have different alternatives so that you can make your payment however you feel most comfortable and secure.

  • Transfer to Banistmo account
  • Payment link
  • Western Union

On the other hand, you can also pay part of your vacation plan before your trip and then pay the rest in person at our headquarters in Medellín, Colombia or in Panama City, Panama.

Travelers up to 12 years old have special rates.

-Medical assistance for accident COP $ 35,000,000.00
-Medical assistance for illness includes covid -19 COP $ 6,000,000.00
-Post hospital pharmaceutical expenses COP $ 250,000.00
-Income for hospitalization COP $ 900,000.00
-Nurse at home COP $ 250,000.00
-Dentistry due to accident COP $ 250,000.00
-Initial care for pre-existing diseases COP $ 6,000,000.00
-Medical expenses due to maternal illness COP $ 6,000,000.00
-Hotel for convalescence COP $ 2,000,000.00
-Medical transfers due to accidents COP $ 250,000.00
-Transfer and stay of companion due to accident COP $ 2,000,000.00
-Transfer and stay of companion due to accidental death COP $ 2,000,000.00
-Transfer of mortal remains COP $ 2,000,000.00
-Compensation for accidental death COP $ 70,000,000.00
-Compensation for total and permanent disability COP $ 70,000,000.00
-Accidental dismemberment COP $ 70,000,000.00
-Compensation for accidental death as a passenger in land, sea and river transportation COP $ 15,000,000.00
-Compensation for accidental disability as a passenger in land, sea and river transport COP $ 15,000,000.00
-Compensation for accidental death with a firearm, sharp or blunt force COP $ 15,000,000.00
-Loss of luggage in commercial air transport COP $ 2,500,000.00
-Legal advice COP $ 1.00
-Advance of funds for luggage delay (more than 8 hours) COP $ 300,000.00
-Specialized funeral service COP $ 3,000,000.00
-Accompaniment for children under 15 years old COP $ 2,000,000.00
-Personal assistance in the process of mourning COP $ 1.00
-Transmission of emergency messages COP $ 1.00
-Coverage of medical expenses for accidents when the user is under the influence of intoxicating beverages COP $ 1.00
-Coverage for poisoning, poisoning, intoxication and drowning COP $ 1.00

We always try to send:

  • Travel itinerary, before purchasing air tickets.
  • Itinerary of your vacation plan, before your travel date

If you reserve your vacation plan months in advance, you can pay month by month, advantages:

  • Easy to pay since you do it in installments
  • You choose how much you want to pay
  • Take advantage of the offers of our tourist plans
  • Schedule your trip in advance

You may request a change in the departure and return date of your tourist plan, no less than forty-five (45) days in advance with reference to the departure date, taking into account that you must assume the air, hotel and other penalties incurred. of the change, as well as possible fare changes in accordance with the travel season initially agreed upon compared to the new date.

Our portfolio has 3 or 4 star hotels, comfortable and close to the meeting points assigned for local tours.

Breakfasts are generally included, this depends on the assigned hotel.

Once the service has been contracted, refunds are not possible.

Yeah! We offer you a service according to your particular needs.

1. Pay in full for the purchased plan according to the initial payment and agreed payment plan.

2. Meet all the requirements related to the tourism plan according to the terms of the contracts
of air transportation, accommodation and receptive management if they are included in the agreed plan.

3. Assume all expenses not specified in this contract and not hold PAISAPORT responsible
SAS for products not offered in the purchased tourism plan.

4. Comply with public health and immigration regulations required by the
national and international governments (vaccines, biosafety care and others required by
each country).

5. Provide truthful information for making reservations, the data provided on names and
surnames, document numbers, dates of birth, will be the same as those that appear in the
identity documents of those who acquire tourist services and who are
related to this contract in the passenger data table.

6. The others provided by law, those contained in the Colombian commercial and civil code.

In the event of illness on the part of any passenger included in this tourist plan, medical documentation is required to prove the stated condition and it is clarified that PAISAPORT SAS, in its capacity as tourist intermediary, is subject to the penalties granted by airline, hotel or tour operators. any other tour operator and also
is in a position to penalize a percentage of the 30% of the value of the plan for brokerage, administrative and other expenses necessary for the operation of PAISAPORT SAS 

In the event of a serious illness determined by medical documentation to any of the passengers included in this tourist plan and who, due to the health professional's reasons, require accompaniment in hospitalization processes, exoneration may be granted to a passenger of the tourist plan who acts as the as a caregiver, making it clear that the value of the individual trip will be affected by the penalties of the different tour operators plus the 30% of the value of the companion's individualized plan according to PAISAPORT SAS costs for operation.

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